Andrade of Catha Freehold, Lady of Goddess Keep is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Lady Andrade of Catha Freehold
Race faradhi
Birth 649, Catha Freehold
Rings ten with braclets and various gems
Titles Lady of Goddess Keep


"Nothing is written in stone, child. Even if it were, the stones can be shattered."
—Andrade to SionedDragon Prince

Lady Andrade was born in 649 and was the twin of Milar. She and her sister were from Catha Freehold, a truly free holding that bowed to no Prince. When she was young, she looked into the Fire and saw High Prince Roelstra's face, hard and cruel. She rejected him and the future the vision had shown her, taking it to have been a warning from the Goddess. Instead, Andrade became the Lady of Goddess Keep in 677. Andrade got the idea for faradhi Princes either from that vision or from a later one, which depicted a peaceful world ruled by Sunrunners. She sought a Sunrunner Prince from the marriage of her sister and Prince Zehava of the Desert, whom she'd proded together, but that failed. The Sunrunner abilities appeared in Princess Tobin instead. Years later, a young girl came to Andrade, asking her about what she had seen in the Fire; that girl was Sioned. She had seen Rohan, Andrade's nephew. From that day on Andrade planned for the two to marry, and sought her Sunrunner Prince from them. They did not entirely cooperate with her plans. Though they did fall madly in love and marry, they resented being manipulated by her. Sioned, after being captured and having her rings stolen, refused Andrade's offer to replace them; she would wear no ring except Rohan's emerald. The message was clear and one Andrade did not appreciate: Sioned was no longer ruled by Goddess Keep or its Lady.

Instead of sending their son, Pol, to Goddess Keep, he was trained as a knight and a prince. Andrade declared her great-nephew, Andry, Lord of Goddess Keep upon her death. She was killed by sorcery in 719.

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