Arlis, Prince of Kierst-Isel, is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Character
Prince Arlis of Kierst-Isel
Race human
Birth 710
Titles Prince of Kierst-Isel
Princedom Kierst-Isel


Arlis, born in 710, was the grandson of Prince Volog of Kierst and Prince Saumer of Isel. His birth signaled the end of an age old feud and rivalry as the two island Princedoms would finally be united. He was fostered at Stronghold under High Prince Rohan and was knighted in 730. Arlis became Prince of Isel in 727 due to Saumer's death, but the Princedom was ruled through a Regent until 730.

During the Vellanti War Arlis fought bravely to defend Kierst and his ailing grandfather, Volog. His armies were able to defeat the Vellanti by disguising themselves as women. During the battle, Arlis lost his Sunrunner. Rohannon, his squire and an untrained faradhi, volunteered to convey messages to the rest of the Continent. After the battle, Arlis sailed to Firon to aid Prince Laric in reclaiming Firon. Even at sea Rohannon was able to weave the light. Arlis counted this as good luck and good breeding as Rohannon's parents were both powerful Sunrunners. When Arlis discovered that Rohannon was using dranath to enhance his abilities, he was horrified. He ordered Rohannon to stop, but it was too late - the faradhi was addicted. Luckily, a Fironese 'lad' (see Aldiara) knew how to end the addiction and save Rohannon's life.

Arlis married Demalia in 730 and has three children: Roric, Hanella, and Brenoc.

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