Azhdeen is a fictional dragon in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Character
Race dragon
Birth The Desert
Colors red and gold
Dragon to Pol
Princedom The Desert

Azhdeen is Pol's reddish-gold dragonsire. In the Old Tongue, the name Azhdeen means 'Dragon Brother.'


Azhdeen first came to Pol during his duel with his half-brother, Ruval, over the right to Princemarch. As Pol's Fire raged across Rivenrock, Azhdeen flew overhead. Ruval, wearing Pol's face, snatched at Azhdeen with sorcery as he had done to three other Dragons. Azhdeen struggled against Ruval's control and then against Ruval's and Pol's as Pol fought Ruval for dominance. Ruval made Azhdeen attack Pol, but the dragon was clumsy as he struggled for freedom. Pol released his hold; instead of anger and hate, he projected his love and awe of dragons. Therefore, Azhdeen bonded with Pol, broke free of Ruval's control, and killed Ruval. Days later Ruval's charred remains were found in the Long Sand.

Pol and Azhdeen are alike in spirit, in that both are fierce warriors and both have hot tempers. During the Vellanti War, Azhdeen stayed by Pol's side as long as he could, even fighting at his 'brother's' side.

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