Castle Crag is a fictional castle in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Castle Crag
Colors violet and blue
Princedom Princemarch
Trade politics, former seat of Princemarch

Castle Crag was the royal seat of Princemarch and of the High Prince Roelstra. The castle is on the side of a gorge, overlooking the Faolain River and rising in many turrets and spires. The main body of the Keep is said to have originally been carved out by dragons. The castle itself had been built by the ancient Sorcerers, who used to rule the Continent. Castle Crag was created with the purpose of being imposing. It has twisting corridors, towers cutting into the sky, and views of the roaring river far below as it carves a cleft between two jagged mountain cliffs. The diarmadh'im also built secret passageways and exits throughout the already maze-like Keep. These tunnels were marked by star symbols etched in the stone.


The Keep also has a lovely rose garden, which had served as the common haunt of Roelstra's many daughters while they'd been 'imprisoned' here, and a vast archive, containing not only official documents of athr'im and Princes, but also the personal records of five High Princes and a Regent of Princemarch.

The oratory of Castle Crag is said to be one of the most beautiful structures on the Continent. The entry doors are panelled wood set beneath a stone arch. Carved into the wood are scenes of Water in the sea with silver whitecaps, a gentle breeze of Air across a golden wheat field, Earth in the silver, snow-covered Veresch Mountains, and a sunburst of golden Fire. The oratory itself is made entirely of Fironese crystal, set in a half circle on the side of a cliff. The ornaments and plates are all made of gold, which shines in the sun. The chairs, cushions, and carpets are all white, which reflects the colored light streaming through the glass. At night shadows rule, blurred only by the pale light of the moons.

After 704 Castle Crag became the seat of Princemarch's Regeant, and then one of the princedom's primary Keeps as Dragon's Rest became Pol's seat of power.

Lords and Ladies of Castle Crag
Roelstan - Rinhoel - Roelstra and Lallante - Naydra - Ianthe - Pandsala - Lenala
Ostvel and Alasen - Dannar - Jeni - Milar

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