Faradhi Rings are fictional items in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies. These rings signify a Sunrunner's rank and skills. They are worn proudly, though in ancient times (and by the Vellant'im) the rings were collected as trophies after a Sunrunner was slain. In order to protect themselves from the diarmadh'im, ancient Sunrunners cast their rings from a special metal that would burn a diarmadhi wearing the rings in warning if he or she was in the presence of sorcery; however, if the wearer of the rings cast a sorcerer's spell the rings would only tingle "as if in protest."

Traditional RingsEdit

Each Faradhi ring is earned and tested over the course of a Sunrunner's life, and usually at Goddess Keep. Fully trained Sunrunners have six rings, which represent their ability to communicate on sunlight and moonlight. Sunrunners with more than six rings are rare outside of Goddess Keep, and are considered very powerful. The tenth and final ring is reserved for the Lord or Lady of Goddess Keep, who rules the faradh'im.

  • 1 middle finger, right hand, silver - Call Fire
  • 2 index finger, left hand, gold - Call Air
  • 3 index finger, right hand, silver - Conjures in Fire
  • 4 pinky finger, left hand, silver - Apprentice Sunrunner
  • 5 thumb, right hand, gold - Sunrunner, Apprentice Moonrunner
  • 6 pinky finger, right hand, silver - Moonrunner
  • 7 middle finger, left hand, gold - Conjures without Fire
  • 8 thumb, left hand, silver - Teacher
  • 9 ring finger, right hand, silver - Master
  • 10 ring finger, left hand, gold - Lady/Lord of Goddess Keep

Modern RingsEdit

After Andry became Lord of Goddess Keep, he created the Devr'im and changed the ranks associated with each ring. Andry, through the discovery of the Star Scroll and the reappearance of the diarmadh'im, discovered the special properties and hidden purpose of the faradhi rings: to provide a warning of sorcery.

  • 6 pinky finger, right hand, silver - Apprentice Moonrunner
  • 7 middle finger, left hand, silver - Moonrunner
  • 8 thumb, left hand, gold - Teacher, Master (later Master Physician)
  • 9 ring finger, right hand, silver - Devri (Lords of Light)
  • 10 ring finger, left hand, gold - Lord/Lady of Goddess Keep