Feruche Castle is a fictional holding in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Feruche Castle
Colors blue and black
Princedom The Desert
Trade defense of trade route

Feruche Castle is an important tower Keep that has been coveted and fought over for generations. This Keep controls the trade route between Princemarch and the Desert. It had been a Merida holding, but Zehava promised it to High Prince Roelstra in exchange for aid against them. Roelstra gave Feruche to his daughter, Ianthe, who used it as a prison for both Rohan and Sioned. The castle held nightmares for each of them as they had been tortured - Sioned held in a lightless cell and raped by many soldiers, Rohan drugged and fevered. It was also Pol's birthplace. Rohan refused to ever step foot inside the Keep agin, even years later after the tower had been destroyed by Sioned's Sunrunner Fire and rebuilt by Sorin, who had received it at his knighting. After Sorin's death, Pol gave the Keep to Riyan, who holds it still.

The castle itself was built of rose colored stone. It rose high on the cliffs, overlooking a Desert garrison far below. It was the border tower between Princemarch and the Desert.

Lords and Ladies of Feruche
Ianthe - Ruval - Marron - Segev
Riyan and Ruala - Maara

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