Fessenden is a fictional princedom in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors sea green
Banner silver fleece
Seat Fessada
Jewels diamond
Trade nubby wool

Fessenden is a western princedom famous for its wool. When Prince Ajit of Firon died without an heir in 719, High Prince Rohan was going to divide the lands of Firon between Princemarch and Fessenden. Before the division was officially proposed, however, Rohan discovered that Pandsala, the Regent of Princemarch, had murdered Ajit in order for Pol to inherit Firon. Rohan didn't want his son to gain from such a foul deed, so he gave Firon to Prince Laric of Dorval.


  • Einar: A major port city, whose ownership had been under contention between Roelstra's Princemarch and Fessenden. When Rohan won the War of 704, the city was secured and confirmed as a holding of Fessenden. Einar's colors are orange and yellow.
  • Fesseda: The royal seat of Fessenden.
Princes and Princesses of Fessenden
Pimantal - Pirro and Lennor - Milosh - Camanto - Edirne and Arnisaya - Lenig