The Vellant'im High Warlord is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Star Trilogy. He is the primary antagonist of the trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Race Vellanti
Birth Vellanti Islands
Rings zero, shaved beard
Titles High Warlord


There was little known about the High Warlord other than the fact he wanted to rule The Desert. He had about five wives and a bushel of sons back in his homeland, the Vellanti Islands. He did not view women very highly, though he respected - to some extent - a few, including the Azhreia, Sioned, of whom he'd heard many tales. He was mightily impressed that she had set Stronghold ablaze, burning the Keep to the ground rather than letting him or his men use it. He also seemed fixated on her hair, as if he had never seen its color before. He came to respect Meiglan a little - or at least not to discount her out of hand - when he realized what she had been sewing into her husband's funeral blanket. When Ruala approached him to give him the use of Skybowl, he dismissed her until he learned that she was pregnant, then he was nearly coddling her; after all she could be carrying her husband's son.

The Vellanti High Warlord was clever and cunning in his battle tactics. His attacks were swift and precise. He knew his enemy and where to strike to do the most damage. He had nearly won the entire Continent and had taken over most of the Desert, where the new High Prince, Pol, awaited to make his final stand. In the end, the High Warlord underestimated Pol, Andry, and all of their allies. Before he was defeated' however, he killed Meiglan. Pol killed him and drove the Vellant'im from the land.