Kazander, Korrus of the Isulk'im , is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels ot the Dragon Star Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Race Isulki
Birth 711, Long Sand, The Desert
Titles Korrus Ros'eltan
Princedom The Desert


"If there is time for music, then all is well."
—Kazandar to Chayla at RemagevStronghold (novel)

Kazander was born in 711 to one of the Desert's nomadic tribes. He was an Isulki warrior and proud of it. Kazander was like a prince among the Isulk'im. He was called Korrus, which meant battle leader and also was given the title of Ros'eltan, meaning The Black Warrior. He partially earned that title by killing Merida, his people's sworn enemies.

Like a lot of young Lords and Princes, Kazander had been trained at Remagev under Walvis. He learned many battle techniques there, and every so often in the following years he would lead an Isulki raid on the trainees. Walvis found such tactics amusing and good training experiences for his students. On one of these raids, Kazander met Chayla, who was being fostered at Remagev. He was instantly taken with her, although he had three wives already - a fact Chayla was not pleased to learn. The two developed an odd kind of relationship, him declaring her beauty and his affection to the heavens, and her rolling her eyes, while secretly amused and flattered. Their relationship took a serious turn after the Vellant'im attacked; Kazander became her protector - or rather avenger. Chayla had been captured by the Vellant'im and raped; he came to her rescue and slew her captors.

Kazander fought bravely and furiously in the Vellanti War, leading his Isulk'im to many victories. In the end, however, he fell in battle. He was greatly mourned by many, including Chayla, whom his wives welcomed and treated as one of there own. Chayla was honored. She was even asked to named Kazander's youngest child, which she named Andra.