The Lord of Goddess Keep or Lady of Goddess Keep is a fictional title given to the ruler of Sunrunners in Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

The Lord/Lady of Goddess Keep governs the Keep and all Sunrunners. This Lord or Lady is the 'closest' to the Goddess, who sometimes communes with the chosen Lord/Lady in the form of visions. The Lord/Lady represents the impartiality of the Goddess at such gatherings as the Rialla. He/she stamps all new treaties and laws with the seal of Goddess Keep. It is also the duty of the Lord/Lady to call a council of Princes in order to confirm a new Ruling Prince or High Prince. While the Lord/Lady is required to follow the general laws of the Continent he/she is not directly under the command of any Prince, nor is Goddess Keep itself under the governing of the Princedom of Ossetia, within whose borders the Keep resides, but is held of the High Prince. The position of Lord or Lady of Goddess Keep - contrary to recent history - is not hereditary.

The ruler of the Sunrunners, he or she bows to no one and is held in a position of honor equal to that of the High Prince, though in matters of state he/she must bow to the High Prince's laws of the land. The Lady/Lord must also Name their own successor, who incidentally does not have to be approved by the High Prince.