Mireva is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince Trilogy. She was one of the primary antagonists of Sunrunner's Fire.


Mireva was born in 659, and a distant kinswoman of Lallante, Roelstra's only wife. She and her family had planned to rise to power through Lallante, but the High Princess forsook her heritage. Mireva bided her time and gave dranath to Roelstra's mistress in order to addict a Sunrunner. Years later she had Ianthe's three sons, Ruval, Marron, and Segev, rescued from the burning Feruche and taken to her in the mountains of Princemarch. She raised the boys to hate High Prince Rohan and his heir Pol. She told them that they were the descendants of High Prince Roestra and thus the true heirs of Princemarch. Mireva taught each boy the diarmadhi arts, and strived for them, and thus the diarmadh'im, to once again rule the Continent.

In 719 she sent Segev to Goddess Keep to spy on Andrade, Lady of Goddess Keep, and to spy at the Rialla. Segev failed retrieve the Star Scroll and was killed by Hollis, whom he had addicted to dranath.

Nine years later, Mireva sent Ianthe's other two sons on a journey that she hoped would conclude in Ruval's defeating Pol in a rabikor for Princemarch. Along the way Mireva enspelled Princess Chiana of Meadowlord into attacking Pol's home of Dragon's Rest. Many things go wrong with Mireva's plans. Chiana's army was easily defeated; Andry, Lord of Goddess Keep, used a ros'salath to terrify Chiana's army before they even reached the gates of the palace. Marron, who was meant to stand in the perath, challenged Pol for Feruche. He was killed by Andry. To replace Marron, Mireva captured Ruala, but the girl was rescued and Mireva herself captured. She managed to escape and offer Ruval some forbidden aid during the rabikor, but was killed by Riyan, Lord of Skybowl and the recently made Lord of Feruche.

Ruval was defeated in the rabikor; a dragon killed him.