Naydra is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy books of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.


Dragon Prince Character
Princess Naydra
Race human
Birth 673
Titles Princess Naydra of Princemarch, Lady of Port Andi
Princedom Princemarch

Naydra, Lady of Port Andi, was born in 673 to Roelstra and Lallante. She was his oldest legitimate daughter and would have been considered his heir if she weren't also considered slightly simple in the head. Naydra, like her sisters, showed an interest in Rohan at the Rialla in 698, but unlike the others she was not affected by his disinterest. Seven years later she married Narat, Lord of Port Andi, and lived quite happily for many years. She lived through Pandsala's eradication on Roelstra's line by the fact that she was barren and no threat to Pol's inheritance.

After her husband died in 737 and the Vellant'im invaded, Naydra helped Pol contact the diarmadhi hiding in Veresch, the mountains of her mother's birth. Naydra too had been born with the diarmadhi gifts and she aided her High Prince and nephew as best she could.

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