The Old Tongue is a fictional language in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

The Old Tongue is the language which was spoken in ancient times when the diarmadh'im ruled. Certain peoples still speak the language, such as the Desert Tribes and the mountainous people of Firon. Many of the terms or titles are still in use or resemble modern words.

A glossary of terms in the Old Tongue can be found on Melanie Rawn's official website here



  • Athri: Wall Lord, title given to a landed Lord
  • Azhrei: Dragon Prince, Rohan's title
  • Azhreia: Dragon Princess, Sioned's title as Rohan's wife
  • Devri: Lord of Light, title granted at nine faradhi rings
  • Diarmadhi: Stoneburner, this is the true name for a sorcerer
  • Faradhi: Silent Knowledge, this is the true name for a Sunrunner
  • Isulki: Swift One, one of the Desert Tribesmen
  • Kir'rei:High Prince
  • Kir'reia:High Princess
  • Korrus: Battle Leader, title given to Isulki leaders such as Kazander
  • Merida: Gentle Glass, a people of assassins
  • Vellanti: one of the Swordborn or a Sword-Mountain


  • Dranath: Herb of the Mind
  • Rialla: roughly translated means 'Lord Circle;' the Rialla is the gathering of Princes and Lords that is held every three years
  • Ros'salath: Warrior's Wall of Dreams, defense used against the Vellant'im, usually kills by driving the mind insane

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