Ossetia is a fictional princedom in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors dark green
Banner golden wheat sheaf
Seat Athmyr
Trade agriculture

Ossetia is a southern princedom. Within its borders lies Goddess Keep, though the home of the Sunrunners is not beholden to Ossetia. The winter months are often very cloudy and thick with fog - which makes Ossetia an odd place for the home of Sunrunners. Prince Chale of Ossetia's son and grandson were both murdered, leaving Princess Gemma of Syr as Chale's heiress. As the royal Ossetian line runs through Gemma and not her husband she must be confirmed as Princess of Ossetia alongside Tilal, who only holds his power through her.


  • Athmyr: Royal seat of Ossetia. Nearby is the lake where two of Ossetia's Princes were killed.
  • Kadar Water: The only real rival for Chaynal's Radzyn horses. Kadar Water horses have a white blaze on their coat and have tufts of white hair around their hooves. In the Rialla of 719, Masul rode a Kadar stallion, much to Lord Kolya's surprise. Masul won the race, beating Sorin, but nearly killed the stallion in order to do so. The Keep's colors are russet and white.
Princes and Princesses of Ossetia
Chale - Chalia - Inoat - Jos
Tilal and Gemma - Rihani - Sioneva - Sorin