Radzyn Keep is a fictional location in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Radzyn Keep
Colors red and white
Banner silver sword on red bound in white and blue
Princedom The Desert
Jewels rubies and diamonds
Trade horses, silk trade rights, shipping

Radzyn Keep guards the largest and most prosperous port of The Desert. The Lords of Radzyn Keep had 'earned' the money to build their eight towered fortress through ten generations of piracy; today their ships patrol the waters to keep the coast safe. These Lords are held in the highest esteem by their Princes and are trusted beyond measure with their lives, their guidance, and their friendship. In fact Chaynal, the current Lord, was the first athri to bear a banner with his own emblem. The colors of Radzyn Keep are red and white; the banner is of a silver sword on a red field bound in white, then bound in the Desert blue.


The Lords of Radzyn Keep also raise the finest horses in the Desert and arguably on the Continent. The Radzyn horses are in such high demand that the Isulk'im often 'borrow' some to breed with their own horses.


Along with the large stables and vast paddocks, Radzyn bosts a flourishing port, through which all the Dorvali silk arrives on the Continent. The Keep itself stands on a cliff overlooking the sea. It is large, with eight towers, formal halls in which to conduct business, private halls for the family, and a garden filled with herbs, trees, flowers, and the sound of the sea's eternal life.

Lords and Ladies of Radzyn Keep
Chaynal and Tobin - Maarken and Hollis - Jahni - Andry - Sorin - Rohannon - Chayla