Segev is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince Trilogy. He is one of the antagonists in The Star Scroll.

Dragon Prince Character
Lord Segev
Race diarmadhi
Birth 703, Feruche, Princemarch
Princedom Princemarch


Segev was born in 703 fathered by Athil. He was the favorite student of Mireva, the sorceress kisnswoman of his grandmother, who raised Segev and his half-brothers. Mireva sent Segev to Goddess Keep in order to spy on Lady Andrade and the Princes at the upcoming Rialla. Arrogant Segev went along with Mireva's plan, but added his own goals. He wanted to be the High Prince, not just the supporter of Ruval. He felt that he was more powerful in the diarmadhi arts and more cunning besides.

While at Goddess Keep, Segev went by the name Sejast and put on a rural, innocent, mountain-boy routine, fooling most of the Sunrunners into thinking him harmless. He befriended a blond Sunrunner named Hollis, whom he thought beautiful. He began to imagine her at his side after he became High Prince. Segev, who already had been trained as a Sunrunner would, quickly earned his first faradhi ring. As the Man-making ritual drew near, Segev learned who his Sunrunner tutor would be. Hoping to get Hollis instead, he sabotaged his Sunrunner tutor, injuring her. The night came and Segev, who thought he'd been well trained by Mireva, was amazed by what the Sunrunner woman showed him. He imagined blonde hair and gave the woman some dranath laced taze. Over the next few days he watched the Sunrunner women for signs of the drug and was pleased, when they appeared in Hollis. He was doubly pleased when he discovered that Hollis was romantically involved with Lord Maarken, Prince Rohan of the Desert's nephew.

At the Rialla Segev continued to drug Hollis, gleefully amused by the confused hurt - and even jealous - expression on Maarken's face. Hollis eventually discovered that she had been drugged, but by that time if she resisted him or told anyone, he would withhold the dranath and she would die from the withdrawal. During the impostor Masul's challenge, Segev used sorcery against Maarken, who acted as Prince Pol's Champion. Segev had fun tormenting, Maarken, but was so concentrated that he didn't notice Hollis come up behind him. She stabbed him with an iron knife, killing him, and freeing her love from Segev's spell - but not before Maarken was badly hurt or Andrade, the Lady of Goddess Keep, died.