Skybowl is a fictional holding in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors blue and brown
Princedom The Desert
Trade dragon gold

Skybowl holds the secret of dragon gold: the eggs of Dragons are lined with gold. Since Zehava's rule the people of Skybowl 'mined' this gold and smelted it in the nearby, abandoned caves. The gold was added to special coffers in order to be used to aid the people of the Desert and the Continent itself. During the plague of 701, Rohan used this gold to buy dranath and to distribute the drug as a cure for everyone. Skybowl also played an important role in the Vellanti War as it was where the final battle took place. It was used as a decoy, given to the Vellanti High Warlord so Sioned and the other women could poison the Vellanti priests before the final battle.


Skybowl gets its name from the almost perfectly round lake found just outside the Keep. The Keep sits on the slopes of the Vere Hills, built from the gray stones surrounding the crater lake, which used to be a volcano. The depth of the lake is unknown. The Keep itself has only one tower above which flies Skybowl's banner on a post topped with a golden dragon in flight. Inside the Keep are tables with benches, clear glass paned windows, and torches in bronze sconces; the dragon gold is not used for Skybowl's luxury.

Court of the Storm GodEdit

The Court of the Storm God is a canyon near Skybowl with jagged rock formations. It got its name due to the powerful winds, which had carved the spiked rocks. The rock is multicolored, garnet, amber, and onyx. A hidden trail cuts through the canyon leading from Skybowl to the sandy valley dragons had made their home.

The Lords and Ladies of Skybowl
Ostvel - Riyan and Ruala - Maara