Stronghold is a book written by Melanie Rawn. It is the first book of the Dragon Star Trilogy.

Author Melanie Rawn
Cover artist Michael Whelan
Country United States
Language English
Series Dragon Star Trilogy
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher DAW Books
Publication date 1991
Media type paperback
Pages 592
ISBN 0-88677-482-9
Preceded by Sunrunner's Fire
Followed by The Dragon Token


Nine years of peace have passed since the events of Sunrunner's Fire.

Rohan and Sioned have seen many of their dreams come true, including a scriptorium, school for physicians, and their people's prosperity. Pol rules a flourishing princedom and has two daughters. Their tranquil lives are interrupted; however, when Tobin, Rohan's sister, has a stroke. Meanwhile, Andry, Lord of Goddess Keep, continues to have visions of death and destruction.


After the trials and tribulations faced with the High Prince and others, Rohan, Sioned, Pol and Andry along with the rest of their families and friends, must defend their land against a large army of barbarians. No one knows where this army comes from or why they are attacking the Continent - or focusing on The Desert, High Prince Rohan's beloved homeland.

Rohan and Pol are forced to flee across the Desert as they are pursued by the invaders. Along the way, they discover the enemy's fear of dragons. For a while the Desert forces are able to outsmart the enemy, but at the Battle of Stronghold the High Warlord arrives with his elite forces.

The island and southern princedoms are overrun with invaders. The Dorvali are forced to flee their island, but Ludhill, Prince Chadric's heir, and his wife stay on the island and form a resistance. Prince Kostas of Syr revels in leading his army and manages to secure his princedom. Rohannon defends Kierst after the death of Prince Volog, and manages to fend off the invaders by having the army pad their armor to look like women. Andry protects Goddess Keep by using a ros'alath, a sorcerous wall, which terrorizes and kills those who touch it.

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