Syr is a fictional princedom in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors turquoise
Banner silver apple
Seat High Kirat
Jewels garnet
Trade wine

Syr is a southern princedom famous for its wines and rich soil. Syr has been a battlefield in many wars, including the War of 704 between Princemarch and The Desert. Roelstra used Prince Jastri of Syr to fight against Rohan. The young Prince was killed in battle, leaving only his ten winter old sister as his heir. During the war, Lady Andrade of Goddess Keep and Rohan of the Desert declared Davvi of River Run the new Prince of Syr. After Roelstra's army was defeated, Davvi led his River Run soldiers against High Kirat so that he could establish himself as Prince in the royal seat of Syr. In 705 Davvi and his line were confirmed as Princes of Syr.


  • Catha Freehold: A Keep in Syr, which stands separate from the princedom; it is a free holding that bows to no prince. This was the birthplace of Milar and Andrade. Catha Freehold became a holding of Syr after its lord passed away; he'd had no heir.
  • High Kirat: The royal seat of Syr.

River RunEdit

Dragon Prince Locations
River Run
Colors green and black
Princedom Syr
Trade wine, agriculture
River Run is a moderate Keep held by non-ruling members of the royal family. This is where Sioned and Davvi were born. When Davvi married Wisla, the lands and wealth of River Run nearly doubled as River View was joined with River Run.

The Lords of River Run are the close relatives of Sioned, the Sunrunner Princess of the Desert and Rohan's wife. Through their loyalty and bravery almost all here are now Princes, but River Run is the simple beginning that binds their pasts together. The Lords of River Run include Davvi, Kostas, Tilal.


  • Dragonfield: The field in Syr where Rohan defeated High Prince Roelstra. This field was named for the dragon feeding ground nearby, where Pandsala had sent Roelstra's elite horsemen. These troops, which had numbered close to two hundred, were destroyed by the young feeding dragons and returned with only thirty-five men.
  • Haldenat: A field in Syr that had once thrived with rich soil. During the war between Princemarch and the Desert in 704, High Prince Roelstra salted this field and destroyed the land. Nothing has grown in the field ever since. It is a barren mark in the otherwise flourishing Princedom.
Princes and Princesses of Syr
Valen and Linella - Hildat - Ladulan - Haldor and Chalia - Jastri - Gemma - Davvi and Wisla - Kostas and Danladi - Daniv - Aladra