Whitecliff Manor is a fictional holding in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Whitecliff Manor
Colors red and orange
Princedom The Desert

Whitecliff is the holding of the Heir to Radzyn Keep. This manor is closed until Radzyn's heir is married; it then opens and the heir is made its athri. At such a time the heir becomes Lord of Radzyn Keep, Whitecliff is closed until the next heir is married. A group of trees stood on the road leading to the manor. The stone walls of Whitecliff are adorned with flowering vines and surrounded by stables, pastures, and gardens. Beneath the cliffs lies a sandy beach. Whitecliff's colors are red and orange.

Lords and Ladies of Whitecliff
Maarken and Hollis - Rohannon - Chayla

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